Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Concert Pictures!

Remember when I said I might have some concert photos?? Well, it turns out a great photographer named

Stef Perri

IS nice enough to send photos to complete strangers. Plus she got some great shots...

This is the soon-to-be legendary Brandi Carlile performing at the Music Mill in Indianapolis.I was SO starstruck.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I'm Singin' My Songs Off Of Any Old Stage

That's from a Carolyn Arends song called "Seize The Day" that you would have heard last night if you were at Wolfie's Waterfront Grill. I probably shouldn't gush about my first gig like an excited teenager on my blog. It's probably not very professional. But, what the hell. You only live once, right?
This is me having MAJOR fun last night!

These are some of the nice folks who showed up for moral support...

Johnathan Baer and Diego Ross (vanilla bear and chocolate bear, respectively) then Amber and Kathy, wrapping up with Tom and Charlie doing it like they do.

I had so much fun it's ridiculous. I can't remember how long it's been since I lived in the moment. Not looking ahead to anything, or remembering anything; I just kept looking around thinking, "now this is what I call a job!" To make it even better, I had the pleasure of meeting and trading business cards with the very nice Greg Anderson who books local entertainment. Yay!

Tuttle INSISTED I take a picture with her and my first musician-type paycheck. I mean, she just wouldn't let it go. (She's gonna be pissed that she turned out so dark. I'll have to photoshop that before she sees it and gives me a licking. Ha, get it? Licking. I kill me.)

Thanks so much to my super roadie/manager/husband for all the fabulous behind the scenes stuff. I'd totally post a picture of him, but he had the camera. See what I mean about all he did? Thanks to everyone for your encouragement. You all rock my socks off.

Friday, May 18, 2007

T Minus 1 Day

Thank you, commenters, for your support and well wishes. Your supportive notes mean a lot.

Being the over-thinker I was surely born to be, I'm trying to decide what I feel about Monday. Am I nervous? Sure. Excited? Effin' A, Cotton, Effin' A! (if you didn't get that, rent /download /TiVo Dodgeball.)

The cool thing is, in the midst of the madness, I know one thing for sure: I have to do this. Like, no joke, I have to. Thirteen years ago, sitting on a piano bench, I told my piano professor that I was dropping my music major. (If you've heard this story before, indulge me. It's kind of important.) She said, "Mark my words - you'll be back. Someday, you'll come back to music. There's just too much of it inside you."

Touché , Dr. Prewitt.

I said all that to say this: following my heart feels good. Picking up an instrument or two and singing every day feels good. I know all the arguments better than anyone... but refusing to give them voice is the best feeling of all.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

First Gig - On The Books!

Wow, guys. It only took forever, but I've got my first official gig.

It's at Wolfies Waterfront Grill in Noblesville, IN on Morse Reservoir. If you got off your keister and clicked the link, scroll down to the photo of the lake view. If you took that picture about 24 degrees to the left this Monday night between 6:30 and 8:30, I'd be right there!

Obviously I'm pretty amped about all this, and have lots of prep work to do. Any of you who are in the Indy area are invited, nay - URGED to come. Let's show these people I can handle a Friday night. If you're not in the area I'm counting on your prayers, good vibes, positive thoughts, or whatever good stuff you'd send my way.

So, I found out about this booking and immediately left to see Brandi Carlile in concert. Holy Crap. I was consistently ten feet away from my hero. A couple of times, three feet. What an amazing talent!! As usual, I didn't have a camera so Bryan appealed to another camera weilding audience member to email us some shots. If she's a nice enough gal to grant the request of two strangers at a concert, I'll post them here with the appropriate credits.

Before I start putting together set lists, I have some unfinished business. In the heat of last nights events I missed the series finale of Gilmore Girls, which I've often called my favorite show in the world. Hopefully TiVo didn't let me down.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Best Practical Joke EVER

It was hard to decide where to start reminiscing about my recent adventures, but this will certainly do. This practical joke was five years in the making, so I'll include time stamps so you can keep up.

I was headed to Mississippi for family stuff when my best friend Jessica and I realized we would be in the very same town at the VERY SAME TIME. This is no small feat since we live in different states. So, she asked Bryan and I to join her and the family for drinks one night.

[NAME REFERENCE in case you get lost]
Jessica's Dad: Jeff
Jessica's Dad's Best Friend: Craddock
Jessica's Dad's Best Friend's Other Friend Who Tagged Along: "Matt " (Name changed to protect the drunk and guilty).

After the reception a few of us retired back to Craddock's room for a drink or two or seven. At that point, Matt and I realized we grew up in the same county in Mississippi and had lots of acquaintances in common. Since nothing's more fun than listening to two people with a past, Bryan's ADD kicked in and he announced that he was going to our room to sleep.

Since Matt was my home skillet, I stayed and we kept talking. Soon I got sleepy, and he kindly offered to walk me to my room. HOWEVER, about halfway there he suggested we take a side trip to make out on the beach. I of course responded, "Dude - I'm married!" To which he said, "I am too!"

Now, I try not to be too judgemental, but it took me by surprise. I'm an idealist, what can I say? After I choked down the little bit of vomit in my mouth, I hastened to my room. Of course I woke Bryan to thank him for leaving me to the wolves. He laughed.

I decided not to tell Jessica because a bride just doesn't need to hear that shit right after the wedding. However, in the sober light of day, Matt regretfully confesses the incident to Craddock, who laughs. Craddock tells Jeff, who also laughs.

A month ago I realized five years had passed without Jessica knowing the funny story. I gave her a play by play over the phone. In shock she called her dad and asked if he knew about it. Jeff laughed and said, "Oh, yeah, everybody knows."

So when we all met for drinks, Jeff made a proposal. He said, "Craddock lives right down the road and Matt is there now {dramatic pause} ...let's get him."

Jeff walks in first followed by Jess and me. They say, "Hey, look who we found..." and I give a big syrupy hello and ask if he remembers me. He looks terrified and first asks if we have any children together.

(My lips to God's ears - I would have traded my eye teeth for a four-year-old with a baby mullet and a trucker hat.)

I reassured him that I wasn't there for child support, but he kept pretending not to know me. So, I thickened up the accent and said, "Well, I sure remember you!" and planted a loud kiss on his cheek that left some lipstick behind. Bryan barged in on cue and demanded, "what the hell are you doing with my wife?"

Now, Bryan actually can look quite mean. That night? Not so much. In his defense, Jeff and Jessica were giggling their asses off, so he couldn't really find his motivation. However, that may have saved Matt from a cardiac incident. He was staring wide-eyed as if halfway-upset Bryan had a chainsaw and a leather mask. Soon after that, Matt realized it's a set up since almost everyone was giggling.

Quote of the night:
Bryan: That's a very nice car you have out there.
Matt: You can have it.

So, of course we all sat down and laughed. And it was much more fun laughing about it together than seperately all these years. It may have just been a simple and poorly executed practical joke, but I truly haven't had such a good time in years. There's nothing like being home with the people you love. And, of course, people who got drunk once and tried to mac on you.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Back and Badder Than Ever

It's been almost a month since my last post, and boy, a lot has happened. Here's the overview:
  • took a trip to Seattle/ Bend, OR
  • took another trip to Mississippi/Florida
  • resigned my position (Not related to the trips)

Unfortunately, I'm back on the job market. It was my decision to leave, but it happened more quickly than I would have liked. Basically, the hours were expanding and the limited hours were really my favorite part. What can I say, sometimes you just take one on the chin. Don't worry. That's about twice the number of words on that subject I intended to write, so we're all done here.

Let's just say I saw a lot of family on the two trips, and to quote my brother-in-law Alan, "family makes the best blog fodder." Indeed. Upcoming posts will include such family/friend antics as: a practical joke with a five-year setup, crooked cops, my new mommy, crazy late night radio ads in Mississippi, and more.