Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Saturday at Stage Left Cafe

Hi, guys!  There are a couple of non-Facebookers who occasionally stop by (I hope they still do) who might want to see this.  This is an open mic semi-near us, and I was signed up for 8 pm hoping for less light outside so I'd be an image rather than a silhouette, but they were running early and I went on at 7:30. Also, I made it especially for some friends in Vermont (which is why the opening slate has a mountain scene and cryptic inside-jokey graphic).  My intro explains it a little more.

Beware:  Randy Jackson would say, "It started out pitchy, Dawg." But, it gets better.  I was preoccupied trying to sing with an Irish accent without sounding magically delicious.  Not sure what key I thought I was in at first.