Friday, October 16, 2009

Picture Post

Non-Facebookers - this one's for you! These photos were taken in July, when Jackson was 6 months old.

The pictures were taken on the grounds of the Indianapolis Museum of Art, and we just happened upon this bench dedicated by a family with the last name Jackson.

Three smiles

One smile and two smooches

Me and my handsome little guy

This is Jackson's expression almost every single moment when Bryan's home. I can't even describe how excited he always is to see his Daddy. I love seeing my two boys together!



Wednesday, October 14, 2009

You're Lucky I'm in a Transitional Phase

Since I've been away from MRF for so long, here's a little update. Bryan got a job in the Chicago area in August and he and Tuttle (the dog) have been commuting back and forth every weekend to a one-bedroom apartment. Jackson, Ren (the cat) and I have been trying to sell the house - had a buyer - lost the buyer - and, now, looking for another buyer.

Just when I think Jackson is as cute as he can get, he gets a little cuter. I'll post some pictures to prove it sometime next week. As it sometimes happens in transition, the camera's in a different city than the baby. He's 8 1/2 months old, and is crawling (crookedly, but very effectively) and has started pulling himself up to a standing position. I think he's going to walk before he gets his first tooth. Have mercy on us all!

I was super nice and honest and told my employers as soon as I knew I'd be moving. They demanded 3 weeks notice, I gave them 3 weeks notice, and they canned me after one week. Thanks, guys.

SO, I'm tying up some loose ends here and the whole family's headed up north Sunday to be together, at least for a while. We're working on making arrangements to get a house. Lease to own would be a dream come true... it would give us time to sell ours and the chance to have Jackson's first Christmas in a house. Wish us luck!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Blogging Again

Whatup, everybody? My old coworkers told me I need to blog again (now that I'm jobless) so they can keep up with me and the little dude. Since I always blog more when I'm unemployed, it seemed a completely natural idea. So, we'll start with a round of stream of consciousness randomness. You know, for old times' sake.

I'm annoyed by hearing the names of radio stations or local sports teams in songs on the radio. It makes me cringe. Were artists running out of ways to sell out? Because this is crazy. Changing your poetry? Yeesh.

The first time I heard this "regionalization" was in the Terri Clark song, "I Wanna Do it All." The lyric was "visit Paris in the Fall, watch the [Lakers/Colts/Cubs/Packers] play ball." That was cheesy, but fairly harmless. It seems the new trend is to work local radio stations' call letters into your song. THAT just kind of gives me the willies.

Just thought I'd share.