Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fall Family Fun

It's been quite a while since I posted, but it has come to my attention that the Georgia grandparents aren't really digging Facebook anymore.  Since it's selfish to hog the Jackson pictures, here are a few from a recent trip to a local pumpkin farm/ petting zoo.

Mama's little threat to society. <3

It is my lot in life to be surrounded by handsome men.

Having lots of fun in the pretend fire truck

See what I mean?

Mama wanted to take a picture.  Jackson wanted to have a fit.  Mama decided to lie down in the grass and have a fit, too. It just got giggly after that.

Me and Mr. Frowny Face waiting for the Great Pumpkin

We saw LOTS of animals that day, but they were kind of hard to photograph given the conditions.  The giraffe was very photogenic, though.

Hanging with the reindeer

Jackson's not a fan of being able to see through something that's holding him up.

See what I mean?

It's so hard to choose just one

Ooh, look at that one over there!

We have a winner.