Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas at our House

Hi, there.  The following video probably only works for grandparents who just can't get enough Jackson.  I'm not sure the rest of you will want to sit through all 8 minutes of video.

But there's a pretty funny fart at 4:10.  You should at least fast forward and see that.


Dorothy said...

Jeep and I just now watched this and it is so precious! We really enjoyed getting to see Jackson get his Santa Claus presents! He is growing up so fast! I appreciate your making a video of this special time and sharing it with us. I thought you had a typo and really meant 'a funny part', and then I realized you meant what you said;) Thanks a bunch, we loved it!

Daily Tragedies said...

Looks like fun! I'm intrigued that none of the gifts were wrapped. In my mom's family, nothing from Santa came wrapped...which I've never seen in another family before. Kinda like the idea.

Jennifer said...

Katie, that's something my husband's family did was that when he was growing up. It seems odd to me, as all our gifts were wrapped, but it was great for this year. Jackson's not really into unwrapping yet, so it made sense to just let him dive in.

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